a selection of academic papers I’ve read or would like to read


Title Summary Reference
Searching for a Sound: A Proposal for Creating Consistent De Minimis Sampling Standards in the Music Industry A history of sampling and the sampling licensing market, the impact of Bridgeport Music Inc. v Dimension Films and the recent circuit split, and present an industry-driven solution to the unclear state of sampling in the music world (9 pages). January 2017, College of William and Mary Law School
Through the Looking Glass: Photography and the idea/expression dichotomy Copyright law and the idea/expression dichotomy, where protection extends not to an idea of a work but only to work’s
expression of that idea (32 pages).
Spring 2017, New York University Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law
Athlete Trademarks: Names, Nicknames, & Catchphrases

Exploring how  trademark law comports with an athlete’s desire to protect words and phrases associated with him or her and prevent others from appropriating them (21 pages).

January 2017, University of New Hampshire School of Law
Online Linking under EU Copyright Law: The CJEU Hyperlinks Trilogy: Is This the End of the Story? An analysis of “communication to the public” by examining its development, interpretation and application by the CJEU and the EU’s national courts in order to assess whether a hyperlink infringes copyright through violation of the “communication to the public” right (87 pages). June 2016
Law and Odor: Elusive Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Protections for Fragrances This paper focuses on recent litigation in France and the Netherlands that has turned on the question whether fragrances may qualify as copyrightable works (14 pages). February 2017, Unconvential Copyright
The User Rights Database: Measuring the Impact of Copyright Balance An empirical study to explore the social and economic impact of expanding user rights in the digital era. December 2017, American University
A Matter of Respect: The Moral Rights of the Entertainer This paper considers the moral rights of certain entertainers – their rights to identification and to a respectful treatment of their achievements. November 2016, Deakin Law School Australia
Digital Convergence and Diminished Creative Industry Growth: A New Zealand Case Study Exploring the need for stronger copyright in New Zealand to restore the effective rate of copyright protection and stem the loss of revenue and decreased production in telecommunications, information technology, media and entertainment (TIME) sectors (22 pages). July 2016, Australian National University and London School of Economics
Digital Copyright Textbook on Digital Millennium Copyright Act, published under Creative Commons (210 pages). 2001, University of Michigan Law School