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Media Appearances.


channel 4: Dispatches

Channel 4 entertained the nation while also proving no-one is immune from a Deep Fake. While many are purely for laughs, in Dispatches: Deep Fakes: Can You Trust Your Eyes? Reporter Morland Sanders will shine a light on the tech’s dark side. The investigation reveals new statistics showing how the world is being bombarded with fake content and asks if the UK government is doing enough to combat the growing number of deep fake videos on the internet.

channel 5 news

Kelsey appeared on Channel 5 News to discuss the implications of the cheerleader deepfake.

BBC Radio 4

Kelsey appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Positive Thinking: an end to deepfakes? to discuss the legal, social and technological consequences of deepfakes, and deepfake detection programs.

BBC Radio 4

Kelsey appeared on BBC Radio 4’s The Future Will Be Synthesised to discuss the legal issues surrounding deepfakes used in the creative and entertainment industries.