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  • Winds of Change (22 September 2018)
    Axel Voss and the new Copyright Directive?; American copyright modernization reforms unanimously pass Senate; TickBox sent packing as film studios and Netflix win $25 million lawsuit; Legal storm for Netflix over Stranger Things; Cadillac’s hopes to avoid trial are “smashed” by graffiti artist SMASH 137
  • All is fair in love and war? (25 August 2018)
    Disney claiming fair use (?!) against the estate of Michael Jackson;Prenda Law’s pornography honeypot lawyer (finally) pleads guilty; are South African copyright reforms a shining example or bad for business?; “Objection!” to calling alleged infringement “theft” is overruled; Aerial Photographer won’t let Cardiff Steel fly away free with his image; Aerosmith v. Donald Trump
  • Faceswap for the Statue of Liberty (17 July 2018)
    Lady Liberty “faceswap” will cost the United States Postal Service $3.5M; YouTube’s “Copyright Match” offers enhanced screening technology; Fifa takes down celebratory World Cup dance video; Did one of Africa’s largest telecoms companies steal an app idea from former employee?; Copyright woes continue for Kenyan collecting societies; Copyright awareness comes to China
  • From Fallout Shelters to your local library (25 June 2018)
    Is Warner Bro’s Westworld game a blatant rip-off?; Social network, media company, host provider, neutral intermediary… what’s in a name for YouTube?; California wage lawsuit may raise concerns over copyright; The Digital Economy Act 2017 and the Public Lending Right Scheme
  • Follow the Money (25 May 2018)
    Stock photo companies: uncertain standing?; Freelancers finally make (some) bank; Nightmare in Nigeria for Copyright Society; Smokey Robinson supports CLASSICS for fairer compensation
  • Licensing, lawsuits, and legislative updates (16 April 2018)
    Community Health Systems fails Microsoft check-up on licensing; “Grande” victory on vicarious liability in RIAA piracy case; EU-ser Created Content: draft Copyright Directive fails to hit the right note with artists; House Judiciary Committee goes for a modern remix of US Copyright Law; Spotify turns up the volume on licensing technology
  • The CopyKat Goes Back to School (25 March 2018)
    Cartoonist sues Infowars over Political Pepe Poster; Chicago landmark featured in controversial political advert without sculptor’s permission; Fair dealing exemption for Canadian classrooms; Copyright fees hit the wrong note with Japanese music schools; Calls to reform Australian fair dealing provisions; Bollywood star calls copyright laws “rubbish”; Is Taylor Swift getting a copycat Reputation?
  • Posing difficult questions… (8 March 2018)
    Jumpman blocks photographer’s shot at copyright claim; Playboy Bunnies vs Boing Boing; EU Recommendations formalise earlier guidelines on IPR enforcement; You cannot copyright the dolphins!; Project Gutenberg: the German edition – laudable, but still infringing!
  • Filmmakers, Facebook and Football (4 February 2018)
    Anthem of the Civil Rights Movement “We Shall Overcome” is freed into public domain; Documentary filmmakers to receive free legal advice from California law students; Facebook’s inks new global, multi-year agreements with Universal and Sony Music; European Commission to produce a Counterfeit and Piracy “Naughty” List; High Court grants football match blocking injunction to UEFA under copyright rules