Lawyering in America and England.

I explain the differences in the English and American legal system itself, as well as the education and training needed to become a lawyer in both countries.

Applying for Training Contracts & Vacation Schemes.

How to research law firms, organise your process, and write your application answers for becoming a Solicitor in England & Wales.

California Bar Exam: an introduction.

A summary of the three key components of the exam process, and how to take the exam as a foreign-qualified lawyer.

My Study Plan for the California Bar Exam.

Screenshots from my study plan and schedule spreadsheet: it’s an integrated calendar, essay tracker, and MBE question tracker. You can purchase this template spreadsheet from me (as either a GoogleDoc, or an Excel sheet) for $30: just contact me or leave a comment on the post.


This post covers my experience in studying for and taking the Multi-state Professional Responsibility Exam, which is one of three exams required in order to practice law in the USA.

On taking the “scenic route” to becoming a lawyer.

Despite the fact that more and more lawyers are joining the profession in their late 20s or even early 30s, it’s still common for many prospective lawyers to feel like outliers – or even outsiders – if they take a “scenic route” to qualification. In this post I share some advice and perspective on being one of those slightly older junior lawyers.


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