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One of the best parts of living in the UK is that I’m only a short flight away from some incredibly beautiful European destinations. This weekend, I finally made it to Eastern Europe, and visited one of my dearest friends in a city easy for both of us to get to: Prague. The chill in the air, coupled with the overcast skies, really drew out the city’s architecture in my mind. It was so easy to get lost in thought, wondering about the Soviet history of the Czech Republic as contrasted with the ornate medieval buildings. I think there’s something quite beautiful and atmospheric about cobblestones and rainy days. Not least because they seem to be days made for museum visits.

Her (2013, directed by Spike Jonze). To begin on a technical aesthetic note, the subtle and connotative usage of colour in this film was exceptional. As an homage to Apple’s “personalised” technology perhaps, I appreciated this nod to branding. For the sake of remembering, for the sake of being close – it’s easy to form associations with people and their scents, sounds, and colours.