Upcoming Events

all events are in London, United Kingdom and are free to attend unless otherwise noted.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Law
    Thursday 14 June / all day /
    Conference will be devoted to exploring various themes and challenges associated with AI, including data protection, health and genetics industries, autonomous vehicles and smart cities. In attendance will be Daniel Preiskel and Martina Raciti, my colleagues from Preiskel & Co.
  • Know the Difference – Appropriation vs. Appreciation in Fashion.
    Wednesday 27 June / 18:30 / Hoxton in Holborn.
    When does appreciation become appropriation? When it’s done for profit? When sources aren’t credited, let alone compensated? Or is freedom to sample and remix what drives creativity?
  • Enslaving the Algorithm: Avoiding the Transparency Fallacy while moving to meaningful Control.
    Wednesday 27 June / 18:00 / UCL.
    We explore alternative modes of explaining, challenging or preventing bad algorithmic decisions, drawing on a range of different types of governance including impact assessment, “soft law” and judicial review. Data protection to avoid automating injustice is a strong base to build on, but it is only one of many data-relevant regimes.
  • Social Media Week London
    14 – 16 November / London.
    Exploring our global theme “Closer”, which touches on the intensifying conflict between community and individualism. At SMW London we will explore the theme through more than 50 sessions, including: mainstage talks, interviews, panel sessions and workshops.